The focus of this program is to increase the confidence of youth and women to confront and address modern-day leadership challenges. We do this equipping youth and women with the skills and tools they need to lead themselves and others in their communities. The key components of this program are:

Women Leadership: We promote women participation in public leadership and nurture them to engage confidently in political processes towards full implementation of the two third gender rule. We challenge women to discover the leader within and challenge their mental models on what their contribution to a just society looks like. We increase awareness of women rights and enhance their ability to effectively participate in decision making and policy formation as equal partners towards protecting their basic rights, securing respect in society and achieving their full potential.

Youth Leadership: Our youth-targeted program, Ignite Leadership Program (ILP) provides young people, both male and female, with the requisite tools they need to lead themselves and lead others. Through ILP, we help young people aged between 18 and 25 to develop the right frame of mind of what true leadership entails so they can steer themselves as well as others, in the right direction for purposes of achieving desired results.