Status of Health Service Delivery in Nakuru County

Nakuru County has experienced growth in the provision of health services since devolution became effective in 2013. However, numerous challenges still abound in the health sector, hindering the delivery of quality health services. This report highlights some of the best practices in the delivery of health services within the County as well as challenges that need to be addressed for improved delivery of health services based on data gathered by a team of 15 social auditors who visited 4 sub-county hospitals. Some of the best practices noted in these facilities that need to be replicated to all facilities include installation of service charter, proper sanitation facilities and proper equipping of health facilities. At the same time, findings from the social audit exercise show that health facilities within the county grapple with challenges such as untrained hospital management committees, poor coordination between national and county governments, unreliable water supply, poor and inadequate infrastructure among others.


Status of Vocational Training in Nakuru County

This report highlights best practices in the delivery of TVET services within Nakuru County as well as issues that need to be addressed to enhance the quality of training and education in TVET facilities. Social auditors noted proper equipping, spacious classrooms in good conditions and availability of administration blocks as best practices that the County needs to advance in all polytechnics. At the same time, findings from the social audit exercise undertaken show that polytechnics within the county grapple with many challenges including inadequate staffing, poor and inadequate infrastructure, low levels of equipping that in some instances, are obsolete.


CTL Annual Report 2016-17

This annual report describes how we continued to pursue our mandate of strengthening communities to effect positive change. It highlights how CTL is helping citizens to improve their lives by developing their leadership skills, increasing their civic awareness and strengthening their capacity to engage in governance processes.


CTL-IEA Youth Polytechnic Student’s Perceptions on Vocational Training in Nakuru County

Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA-Kenya) in partnership with Centre for Transformational Leadership (CTL) and Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG) undertook this study on service user satisfaction with a focus on the quality of vocational training services in six youth polytechnics in Nakuru County. The study assessed beneficiary perception on the quality of service delivery in the polytechnics in the County with the objective of providing service user’s perspective to assist concerned authorities to improve educational services.

CTL-IEA TVET Policy Breif

The question of quality education and training in youth polytechnics is important and requires urgent attention. It is therefore important to determine the quality of education and training services being offered in youth polytechnics in assessing the effectiveness of these institutions in providing quality vocational education and training services. This policy brief intends to influence existing TVET policy to ensure delivery of quality education and training in youth polytechnics

Youth Development for Reforms in Kenya

The Youth Leadership Development for Reforms Project was implemented jointly in Kenya by the Center for Transformational Leadership (CTL and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), supported by a grant from USAID/DAI. The project intended (1) to help young people in the Rift Valley have a greater appreciation for themselves and others and a greater understanding of leadership principles; (2) to support young people to work constructively in teams with peers from other tribes and boost youth participation and contribution to the reform agenda, and (3) to enable youth to enact civic service project(s) that advance the social good and improve relations in the community.

Status of Wanjiku Participation Survey

CTL with support from Search for Common Ground conducted a survey to improve citizen participation in the county budget-making process by informing the design of the future public budget formulation forums. The survey sought to determine (1) level of citizen participation,(2)Level f preparedness among citizens who participated in the budget-making process (3) Accessibility of the budget forum venues to citizens and (4) CSOs working in the survey area that could help with information dissemination and mobilization for budget forums in future.

CTL Independent Budget Analysis Report

CTL conducted an analysis on the Nakuru County Budget estimates with the intention to determine whether citizens needs have been captured, review the vision 2030, County Integrated Development Plan and County Fiscal Strategy Paper, health priorities to determine the extent to which budgetary allocations address those priorities and compare 2015/16 budget estimates to determine variations

Youth Programs & Policies in Kenya

CTL with funding from USAID/ACT! undertook a baseline survey to determine the effectiveness of Government of Kenya programs and policies in addressing youth unemployment and representation  and sought to generate information to inform advocacy efforts towards improving Government of Kenya programs and policies that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of the youths in Kenya